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Sublimation printing is digital printing using heat to transfer dye onto transfer paper that is then applied to white fabric using heat and pressure. Most designs are possible, including club and sponsor logos, player numbers and names, and the color range is extensive.

Jacksonville Saints AFC San Diego Lions AFC Central Blues AFC Philadelphia Hawks Sacramento Suns AFC Sacramento Suns Metro Jerseys Dallas Dingoes Training Tanks Columbus Cats Hoodie Columbus Cats Training Tee Columbus Cats Polo Maine Cats AFL Shorts Boston Demons Polo Boston Demons Training Gear Atlanta KookaburrasRome RedbacksToronto Rebels AFC Seattle Grizzlies AFL Shorts Columbus Jillaroos Indianapolis Giants AFL ShortsArizona Lady HawksArizona Lady Hawks - AFL Shorts     Tulsa Buffaloes - AFL Shorts  USA Revolution Jersey DesignUSA Revolution Jersey DesignUSA Revolution Shorts Design      USAFL Womens Elite Polo - Blue Sublimated Polo Sacramento Suns Track JacketSacramento Suns Track Jacket

Cut & Sew

Apparel items can be customized using pre-dyed fabrics and preset patterns. Further customization is possible using screen printing, embroidery and/or heat transfers.​

Suns Shorts Suns Polo Women USAFLUA PoloUSAFLUA Polo

Off The Shelf

Team uniforms, off-field apparel and promotional items can be produced by simply adding screen-printing, embroidery or heat transfers to off-the-shelf products.

Screen Printed T-Shirt Sacramento Suns Women's T-ShirtSacramento Suns T-Shirt Back Sacramento Suns Onsie  Sacramento Suns Womens T-Shirt Sacramento Suns Training Shirt - Back Sacramento Suns Training Shit Red Back  Suns Tank Suns Tank BackSacramento Suns Track Jacket Front Track Jacket BackUSAFL T-Shirt  USAFL Womens T-Shirt USAFLUA T-ShirtUSAFLUA Women's T-Shirt USAFLUA Orange Womens T-ShirtEB Footy T-Shirt2010 GGAFL Nationals T-Shirt2011 GGAFL T-Shirt2011 San José Hornets T-Shirt