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We are a very small, passionate team with decades of experience volunteering for sporting clubs and organizations in both Australia and the USA.

We began in Sacramento, California back in 2009 and continue to grow servicing clubs and individuals across the USA and Canada.


We supply custom team gear, supporter gear and equipment generally associated with popular Australian sports like Australian Rules Football, Rugby, Cricket and Netball. If there's something you're after and you don't see it on our website, please contact us!


If you live in North America, you might play or follow these sports which are popular around the world but no one here seems to have a clue. You might have tried purchasing a ball or supporter gear from Australia only to find that shipping cost more than the item itself?

Our company was formed to bridge that gap and provide new and experienced players with the gear, services and support they need to participate in these "Aussie" sports.

Our aim is to provide participants and supporters with a local solution offering equipment, team and supporter gear at very competitive prices. We understand that some of these sports are not usual and players, especially new ones, don't want to spend a fortune just to participate.

But why really?

We love our sports (footy foremost) and have years of experience growing and developing clubs from the ground up. We really love seeing these sports thrive outside of Australia and we are more than happy to offer support and advice to anyone starting up a new club. We have decades of experience working in volunteer sporting organizations and love to help!

Is it just Aussie Sports?

No! If you are looking for custom team wear or even corporate, we can help! In addition to the range of Australian sporting apparel, we can apply supply uniforms to just about any sport including American Football (Gridiron), Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball.

Simply contact us and we can go from there.

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Our store aims to provide affordable gear to both individuals, new or experienced, and clubs. Items available will typically fall into one of three following categories:

Custom Gear

Aussie Sports USA has more than 10 years experience in assisting sporting organizations, and others, to market their brand by designing and sourcing uniforms and promotional items. Check out our portfolio on the custom gear page.

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Any items required to play, coach or administrate popular sports in Australia are found in the equipment section of the shop. We currently stock Australian Footballs and Netballs.

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AFL Supporter Gear

We currently stock limited quantities of official AFL supporter gear.

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