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What size Australian Football should I buy?

Posted by Amy Bishop on

Burley RoverAustralian rules footballs come in a wide variety of sizes. These cater to all ages and uses from recreational to professional matches.

A size 5 (five) is a full sized football used by senior mens teams. Women and  however use a size 4 football and this size is also suitable for school age children ages 13-15.

Footballs also come in a variety of materials. Match balls are generally made of the best quality leather. While practice balls, or those with less use, are available in a lower grade leather.

A variety of synthetic finishes are also available. Pin-grain synthetic balls are excellent for beginners, kids or even Ausball games in wet weather.

Additionally, smaller kids footballs are produced in a soft pvc finish - perfect for little hands.

For more information, checkout our full list Burley-Sekem football sizes and measurements here

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