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Introducing Newbies

Posted by Amy Bishop on

Being a part of Australian Football in the USA over many years and introducing the sport to many newcomers or 'newbies', we constantly found ourselves in conversations that went a lot like:

"Where can I buy a footy ball in the US?".
"You mean Footy or football? Well there are one or two options"
"And how much are they"
"Generally around $80-$120"
"Oh, well I guess I probably won't be buying one then"

It's funny to think how many people may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a set of golf clubs, or snow sport equipment for a sport they may spend a very small amount of time participating in each year, yet a sport like Aussie Rules which requires a very minimal amount of gear to participate in, they baulk at the idea of an $80 football.

This isn't the case for everyone obviously. There are those people (let's face it, almost everyone) who are introduced to footy, like it quite a bit, but not sure just how much they want to invest into their new 'weird' pass-time. Then there are others, like the large majority of students, who take up footy who just can't afford it.

This drove us to find a solution that would allow more 'newbies' to own their own Aussie Rules Football.

The Aussie Sports store stocks a wide range of footies by Burley for many uses and budgets. These range from synthetic junior size footies to Premier game balls for both men, women and kids.

Before Christmas we added in the Size 2 AFL Club Stinger footies as a great gift option or a learning footy fo kids. We have more recently added two new lines of footballs by Burley - both are synthetic, pin-grain for grip and full sized (size 5) – perfect for kicking around at the park, beach or snow field!

The Carnival football is a slightly heavier duty football than the traditional Attack football, which has been used in the past by many Ausball leagues around the country. The second is another range of AFL Club branded footballs, the Apex football, which make a perfect and useful gift!

Check out the full range of footies here »


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